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About Carbiogene

Zhejiang Carbiogene Therapeutics Co. Ltd (Carbiogene) is a “5050Plan” company introduced by the Hangzhou National High-Tech Zone National High-tech Enterprise supported by authorities with special fund. Carbiogene is an innovative biotechnology company which co-founded by renowned scientists domestic and abroad integrating R&D production and sales. Its core team is composed of several internationally influential medical scientists.

 Carbiogene's R&D and manufacturing center is built according to AABB standards strictly with standard GMP clean workshop and world-class laboratory equipment and has passed the standard ISO certification of three systems establishing a closed-loop industry dominated by new anti-tumor immunotherapy products (new generation CAR-T and CAR-NK etc) and industrial pattern supported by new tumor-DC vaccines immune cells stem cell biological resources molecular diagnosis of tumor and laboratory test and medical health big data etc.. According to company philosophy” cure the sickness to save patients” Carbiogene introduces the world's leading tumor precision immunotherapy technology platform and seeks to promoting the clinical translation of the new generation tumor immune precision therapy technology and creating a globally influential and innovative biotechnology company. [MORE]


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